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cleanse your skin with cleansers for healthy glow

Always wash your face before you go to bed – skincare is key

Feel positive using your face wash


Face wash & Cleansers both are used for cleansing. Cleansers are lotion while face wash are form based products.

Cleansers used to remove impurities and dirt from your skin. By using cleansers daily your skin remains healthy which also prevents clogged pores and provide glow to your skin. You should you cleansers  according to your skin type. That’s why understanding your skin type is the first step  which depends on the amount of sebum(oil) your skin produces. Some steps are mentioned below.

To know your skin type:

1) First step is to wash your face with the gentle cleanser which you are using recently, then gently pat dry it.

2) Then wait for 30 minutes.

3) If your skin seems shiny or little oily your skin is oily.

4) If your skin feels hydrated and not oily then you are likely to have normal skin.

5)  If your seems oily or shiny on t-zone, you are likely to have combination skin.

6) If your skin seems tight then you have dry skin.

The above steps you can do at home to know your skin type.

  Characteristics of different skin types are as follows:-

1) OILY SKIN- Oily skin has a humid and a glowy appearance. It is cause due to large amount of sebum (oil) is produce on your skin. The concerns that oily skin people face are acne and pimples.

2) DRY SKIN- Usually dry skin is cause by change in climate or weather, submersion in hot water and when there is less humidity in air. In dry skin the skin has cracks which leads to exposer to bacteria. The skin feels rough and tight. Crack skin is usually seen in extreme dry skin which may lead to bleeding which is a serious concern.

3) NORMAL SKIN – In  normal skin, the skin has uniform texture, no cracks, appears smooth and perfect. It is neither too oily nor too dry. It remains same through out the year irrespective of the weather, people with normal skin are the blessed one. Usually they do not suffer with any skin problems.

4) SENSITIVE SKIN – Usually sensitive skin appears irritated, rough, tight, dry, redness, rashes, leads to sunburn easily and easily reactive to any actives if applied. According to Dr. Lewis, sensitive skin is divide into four types: naturally sensitive, environmentally sensitive, reactive and thin. Sensitive skin is self disclosure more in women as compared to men.

Difference in face wash and cleanser:

Face wash are beneficial for oily and acne prone skin. On the other hand cleansers are effective for dry and sensitive skin type as they provide moisture and hydration to your skin. Face wash and cleanser both helps in cleaning your face and removing impurities from your face. A face cleanser is made to hydrate and cleanse your skin they do not form foam on your skin when applied .On the other hand face wash are bit harsh as compared to cleansers as they are gentle on skin, face wash also helps in cleansing and they form foam when applied. Cleansers can be used before face wash such as cream, oil based and gel cleansers are used to remove makeup which helps in preventing clogged pores, this is also known as double cleansing method.

The cleanser or face wash should be use twice a day first when you wake up use any one of them. Then at night before you go to sleep, at night you can use both (double cleansing method) for removing your makeup which will help in preventing clogged pores and helps in breathing your skin.

 Some cleansers  that you can use according to different skin types:

  • OILY SKIN/ ACNE PRONE SKIN – Cetaphil cleanser for oily skin, Minimalist Salicylic acid +LHA 02% Cleanser for oily/ acne prone skin, Neutrogena deep clean facial cleanser, Neutrogena oil free acne wash facial cleanser and so on.
  • DRY SKIN – Dermafique – Absolute Detox facial cleanser (for normal to dry skin type),  Cetaphil gentle skin cleanser dry to normal sensitive skin, Kama Ayurveda Himalayan Deodar face cleanser and so on.
  •  NORMAL SKIN –  Innisfree city polution defender cleansing foam, Cetaphil gentle skin cleanser, Neutrogena deep clean facial cleanser and so on.
  •  SENSITIVE SKIN – DermaDoc ph rebalance gel cleanser, Minimalist 6% oat extract gentle cleanser with hyaluronic acid for sensitive skin, Dermatouch mild cleansing lotion, Bioderma sensibio gentle soothing micellar cleansing foaming gel for sensitive skin and so on


Face wash are used after cleansing which helps in better cleaning of your skin, they are generally foam based. 

These are also use according to your skin type, the types of skin are already mention above. The method of testing the skin type is also mention above.

Suggestions of some face washes according to your skin type:-

  1. OILY SKIN/ ACNE PRONE – Dot &Key CICA Calming blemish clearing face wash with 2% Salicylic acid & Green tea, Alps Goodness Acne control face wash for oily skin with tea tree, Salicylic acid & Apple cider vinegar, DermDoc 2% Salicylic acid face wash and so on.
  2.  DRY SKIN – Nivea women face wash for dry skin, Himalaya herbals purifying neem face wash, Lakme blush & glow strawberry gel face wash and so on.
  3.  NORMAL SKIN – Dr. Sheth’s Ceramide & Vitamin C brightening face wash,  Mamaearth ubtan face wash,  Biotique papaya deep cleanse face wash and so on.
  4.  SENSITIVE SKIN – Simple kind to skin refreshing facial wash, Nivea milk delight women face wash, Dot & Key barrier repair + hydrating gentle face wash and so o

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